Fort Worth After School

Participate in the UNTHSC/Fort Worth After School Program

Background:  The Fort Worth After School (FWAS) has provided high quality, structured after school enrichment programs since the Fall of 2000. The UNTHSC has been recognized as a partial provider for FWAS to enrich and raise interest in Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education and health professions for FWISD students.

The UNTHSC Center For Diversity and International Programs invites our students from all UNTHSC Schools (GSBS, TCOM, SPH, PHARM, PA, PT) to participate in the FWAS Program.

UNTHSC/FWISD Goals & Objectives

  • Promote educational competence for academic achievement standards in core academic subjects.
  • Provide STEM and Public Health and Health Professional enrichment activities for Middle School participants
  • Enhance physical and social development by offering student a broad array of additional highly rigorous activities
  • Provide positive role models for FWISD youth
  • Provide UNTHSC Master/Doctoral students training opportunities in STEM and Public Health, Health Profession Education

UNTHSC Student Requirements

  • Be a student in one of the UNTHSC Academic Programs
  • Receive approval from major professor/advisor in needed prior to participation
  • Be approved by FWISD Office of Professional Standards
  • Work with UNTHSC Center For Diversity and International Programs to develop educational enrichment activity


  • Student may receive funding for participation
  • Student may be able to apply participation to course credit depending on academic program

For additional information contact

Harlan Jones, Director or 817-735-2448

Pat Baker, Administrative Coordinator or 817-735-0642

This page was last modified on December 14, 2018