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Office Olympics 2019


Office Olympics 2019 Info

Final Office Olympics Scoreboard Page 001

Congratulations to everyone who participated!


1st place – The EDX

2nd place – Wincedo

3rd place – Advancement Aardvarks

4th place – The Revolutionaries

5th place – Safer Care

6th place – Office of the Provost

7th place – The Armadillos

8th place – Central Services Scoundrel’s

9th place – HMP Machine

10th place – Admission Impossible


****Competition is for staff and faculty****

For four days in June, each team will compete in various events. At the end of the month, the winning team will be crowned UNTHSC 2019 Office Olympic Champions!

Teams will consist of a minimum of four people and a maximum of 8. Those with a team of 8 can split into two sub teams but only the best score will be recorded for the entire team score. Those with more than 4 but less than 8 will have to make sure that each player competes at least 1 event per day.

Day 1 June 5th (2-4 pm) events – Variety of indoor events. All info and rules regarding events will be sent out to the team captains prior to the event.

Day 2 June 12 (2-4 pm)– Heritage Hunt. Teams will complete a heritage hunt about UNTHSC for time. All info will be sent to the team captain prior to the event. *No sub teams*

Day 3 June 19th (10 am -12 pm) – Variety of outdoor events. All info and rules regarding events will be sent out to the team captains prior to the event.

Day 4 June 27th (2-4 pm) – Synchronized Chair Dance. All info and rules regarding events will be sent out to the team captains prior to the event. *No sub teams*

Email to register. Leave your team name, captain and co-captain and roster of team. ONE TEAM PER PERSON!!


More details to follow….

Intramural Sports

The mission of Intramural Sports is to provide a recreational environment for the University community which is safe and enjoyable. While the game atmosphere is often competitive, ensuring participant safety, providing a fun, social atmosphere, and promoting sportsmanlike behavior among participants, spectators, and team followers are our primary concerns. The game atmosphere should remain good-natured at all times. Participants shall maintain good sportsmanship throughout their participation in all facets of the intramural program.

**Intramural Sports and Monthly Challenges are open to all students, NO MEMBERSHIP NEEDED!**

Ultimate Frisbee League

Ultimate Frisbee is a non-contact disc sport played by two teams of seven players with the objective of scoring goals. Open to all students, faculty and staff!

Registration: February 11 – February 22

League Play Begins: February 26

Rules and Regulations


All intramural participants will be required to create an account on

Contact for more information.

Wellness Challenges

Monthly Wellness Challenge Flyer


The Office of Wellness Services invites the entire UNTHSC campus community for a wellness challenge game of Bingo! Starting August 1st through August 31st, you’ll have a chance each day to complete one wellness challenge. When you have completed every challenge on the card, you can submit your card and your name will be entered in for a drawing. See below for FAQs or email for questions!


Download the August Bingo Card Here!



Where do I get a Bingo Card?

Bingo cards will be available for download on July 25th or pick one up at the FAC after July 25th

Do I have to be a member of the Fitness Center to participate?

No. Wellness challenges are for everyone within our campus community: Faculty, Staff and Students.

Can I complete more than one challenge a day?

The wellness challenge is designed for you to complete one challenge a day. However, some challenges may take up to a week to complete; therefore, you technically can be working on multiple challenges at a time. However, you can only mark off one a day.

When I've completed the bingo card, where do I submit it?

After each square on your card is completed, you can scan and email a copy to titled "Wellness Challenge" or hand deliver your completed card to the FAC at the front desk. Your name will be entered into a drawing to be held on Sep 3 @ 9am. The winner will be honored through our social media outlets and the Daily News.

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