Office of Care and Civility Relaxation Room

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Welcome to our relaxation room! The purpose of this page is to provide a virtual space where students, faculty and staff can take a moment to relax and de-stress. Mindful relaxation can reduce stress, improve mood and promote productivity. We encourage you to explore some of the activities below and take the time to complete it in its entirety, without interruption.


Mini Relaxation Exercises (1-3 minutes)

Longer Relaxing Activities (5-30 minutes)

“Brain Dump”: Grap a pad of paper and pen, or pull up a blank note or document on your computer, and for 5 minutes write down anything that comes to mind.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Training Video

Watch a relaxing painting video

Watch a relaxing nature video 

Do a longer guided meditation

Relaxation Exercises

Mini-relaxation exercises: A quick fix in stressful moments
A Quick Guide to Deep Breathing
The Scientific Benefits of Breathing

Relaxing Music for work or studying

Calming study or meditation music
Relaxing Hang Drum Music
Nature Sounds

Other ideas that can help you de-stress and boost your mood:

  Go on a virtual travel experience.
Take 5 minutes to do some seated stretches
Take a little time to color a picture
Pick a free online game to play
Do an free online jigsaw puzzle
Listen to your favorite podcast
Laugh! Watch a funny video or stand-up comedy
Call a friend or family member

Student Questions and Resources

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