Wellness Warriors

Wellness Warriors is a comprehensive program that engages our campus community in making individual wellness a priority. Physical activity and nutrition play a valuable role in individual wellness and Wellness Warriors seeks to engage those pieces with you.

The objectives of Wellness Warriors are to:

  • Increase comfort with physical activities using group exercise;
  • Create an environment to allow for change in static behaviors to occur;
  • Facilitate a re-frame of mindset, perspectives, and self-perception.

Fall 2019 cohort information

  • August 19th 4pm: Orientation – Body composition measurements, fitness testing assessment, and self efficacy questionnaire.
  • August 22nd 4pm: Overview – Workout and nutrition logs, coaching assignments, and nutrition.
  • 12 week program begins August 26th and goes through November 15th.
  • Group class times will be on Mondays, Tuesday and Thursdays at 4pm at the fitness center.


Each participant will be given a log book to track workouts completed and nutrition. Many of our participants opt for nutritional app such as my fitness pal, macrostax etc. We highly encourage electronic avenues of tracking because of the convenience and wealth of information. Each participant will work with their assigned coach to formulate a sustainable plan throughout the cohort and provide feedback/encouragement.


Each participant will partner with a wellness coach within the Office of Care and Civility and meet each week throughout the cohort.


Were there any changes made from the Spring 2019 cohort to the Fall 2019 cohort?

Yes. Each participant will be assigned a coach to work with for the duration of the program cohort. The coach will be available to provide assistance in nutrition, planning and other needs

If I participated in any previous cohorts, do I have to fill out a complete app?

Of course you do. That will be 5 burpees for asking that (you know who you are)

How many people are going to be in each cohort?

We are admitting 20 people per cohort.

If I get accepted, what all do I need?

Workout clothes, good pair of running/training shoes, fitness center membership, good attitude and strong mental preparation.

What kind of workouts will we do?

We will provide a variety of aerobic and anaerobic training to engage the needed stress for the recovery and adaptation process to forge. Each week is divided into 3 separate training formats (anaerobic, aerobic, combination) to expose you to different training styles while forging change within.

If I did Team Lose It in the past, can I participate in Wellness Warriors?

Yes. However, if you are able to create an environment around yourself to foster success without the support of a cohort model, we encourage you to join the existing group exercise classes offered at the fitness center.

I want to do Wellness Warriors but the 4pm time block doesn't fit my schedule. Can I still participate?

For the past few cohorts, we have been flexible on allowing people to come to various times offered throughout the day. We have found this system isn’t the most advantageous when it comes to accountability, a big component of success for Wellness Warriors. We are considering opening up different time blocks for the future, but for the Fall ’19 cohort, 4 PM is a universal fit for most offices within our campus community. If 4 PM is not an ideal time, we still encourage you to consider personal training or joining existing group class offered through the fitness center.

Applications are now being accepted for the Fall 2019 cohort. The application for Wellness Warriors can be found HERE and must be submitted by Monday, August 12th, at 3:00pm. Notification of acceptance will be announced no later than Friday, August 16th.

If you have questions about the Wellness Warriors program, please contact Alex Fernandez at Alex.Fernandez@unthsc.edu

This page was last modified on February 28, 2020