Student Membership Change FAQ

As of January 2, 2020, students will no longer be required to pay a membership fee. Please see below for FAQ regarding this change. Please click HERE for the email communications sent out on December 2, 2019. Feel free to email with any questions.

  • When does the membership fee change go into effect for students?
    • January 2, 2020
  • Do employees, alumni, and community members still have to pay a membership fee?
    • Yes, membership rates for employees, alumni, and community members will remain the same.
  • What if I paid for a membership that goes past December 31?
    • You will be refunded the prorated amount. Refunds will begin processing in December please email if you have any concerns.
  • I’m a student and I want to start using the Fitness Center in January. What do I need to do to activate my membership?
    • You will need to stop by the front desk of the Fitness Center to fill out a waiver and sign the standards of conduct.
  • What’s included in a membership?
    • Group exercise classes, towel services, equipment checkout, day locker usage, in addition to Fitness Center and multi-purpose court access.
  • What changed to remove the membership fee for students?
    • In 2016, the UNTHSC Fitness Center shifted to a self-sustaining funding model that required all Fitness Center members, including students, to pay a membership fee to utilize the facility. Based on feedback from students and reevaluation of needs, resources, and solutions, we are excited to announce that starting January 2, 2020, UNTHSC students will no longer pay a separate membership fee to utilize the Fitness Center. We are thankful for the leadership at UNTHSC who worked so diligently to make this a reality.