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Amy Buresh
Senior Director, Brand and Communication

Amy Buresh, drawing from previous corporate, non-profit and higher-ed experience, has held various marketing and communication roles in her decade-plus career at UNT Health Science Center.

Current duties: As Senior Director, she provides strategic marketing counsel, manages brand oversight and leads a multi-disciplined team of creative professionals within the UNTHSC Brand Studio.

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Gayanne Clemens
Executive Associate

Brand Studio

Blair Chappell photo

Blair Chappell
Marketing Manager

Blair Chappell, a Fort Worth native and UT alum, joined UNTHSC in April 2007. Her experience includes four years of sales and marketing within her self-started company, as well as 12 years of physician recruitment within corporate and academic environments.

Current duties: Chappell focuses on new inquiries, client education and management, project timelines and efficiencies to enhance projects of the Brand and Communication team.

Laura Carter photo

Laura Carter
Production Coordinator

Laura Carter started at UNTHSC in 2000. She worked in Biomedical Communications, Media Services, and then joined the OBC in 2013. Before joining UNTHSC she worked for 22 years in retail sales as office manager for Larry’s Shoes home office.

Current duties: Carter is the production coordinator and tracks projects from intake to completion. She works with outside vendors and maintains the online printing portal for approved branded items and DIY templates.

Rebekah Downing photo

Rebekah Downing

Rebekah Downing is an award-winning art instructor and free-lance cartoonist and designer with 10 years of experience. She earned her degree at Cedar Valley Community College, graduating with a 4.0 GPA. She came to UNTHSC in 2014.

Current duties: Since late 2016, Rebekah has been a junior graphic designer for the Office of Brand and Communication, where she has worked on brochures, flyers, ads, and various other visual communication projects.

 Guillermo Gomez photo

Guillermo Gomez
Graphic Designer

Guillermo Gómez spent 11 years as a Graphic Designer at American Airlines, where he oversaw the design and collaborated in the editorial production of Nexos magazine, and as Senior Designer in the Marketing group. He joined UNTHSC in 2016.

Current duties: Gomez collaborates with the OBC team to promote the UNTHSC brand and create a strong visual image for the University.

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Felipe Monjaras
Video Producer

Marco Rosales photo

Marco Rosales
Art Director

Marco Rosales is an award-winning art director with 19 years of experience in the visual communication field. A graduate of UNT, Marco joined the HSC team in 2014 after a long gig with American Airlines and Tarrant County College.

Current duties: Rosales oversees the OBC’s design group and provides design direction for the creation of ads, brochures, posters, magazines and other print projects for UNTHSC.

Communication Team

Kerry Gunnels photo

Kerry Gunnels
Senior Director, Communication Team

Kerry Gunnels spent 37 years as a newspaper reporter and editor. In 1994, he was a member of the Dallas Morning News team that won the Pulitzer Prize for International Reporting.

Current duties: Since 2013, Gunnels has headed the OBC’s Communication Team. He advises in strategic planning and supervises production of all print and digital content of the OBC.

Alex Branch photo

Alex Branch
Media Relations Director

Alex Branch has written about health care as a journalist and directed marketing communications at United Way of Metropolitan Dallas.

Current duties: Branch writes stories that build an emotional connection between UNTHSC and the community. He can help identify compelling stories, their potential audiences and the appropriate communication channels to make the greatest impact.

Matt Havlik photo

Matt Havlik
Web Content Manager

Matt Havlik joined UNTHSC in 2007. Prior to that he worked as a radio DJ, a TV news assignments editor and a communications specialist at a nuclear power plant.

Current duties: Havlik develops and manages content for UNTHSC.edu. He helps departments create better websites through training, content strategy, governance and data analysis.

Jan Jarvis photo

Janice Jarvis
Senior Communications Specialist

Jan Jarvis worked as a newspaper reporter for 25 years, covering every beat from police to politics. Much of her journalism career was spent covering health care in North Texas.

Current duties: Since 2013, Jarvis has been a Senior Communications Specialist, writing stories about the people, research and educational opportunities at UNTHSC.

Jill Johnson photo

Jill Johnson

Jill Johnson has been shooting photos for more than two decades, specializing in portraiture, photojournalism, animal and travel photography. A native Texan, she earned a degree in photojournalism from the University of Texas at Austin.

Current duties: Johnson handles photography needs for the Office of Brand and Communication, including taking photos for UNTHSC publications, websites and marketing materials.

Summerly Sherlock photo

Summerly Sherlock
Digital Content Specialist

Summerly Sherlock started at UNTHSC in 2015. Before that, she was a social media coordinator at Mississippi State University, where she earned her master’s degree in public policy and administration.

Current duties: Sherlock manages web content and social media for UNTHSC.

Internal Communications and Marketing

Cari Hyden photo

Cari Hyden
Communications Director

Cari Hyden has 34 years of experience in strategic employee communications, media relations, leadership communications, communication surveys and speechwriting for Verizon Communications, the City of Fort Worth and UTA.

Current duties: Since 2008, she has led employee and campus communication for the Office of Brand and Communication. In June 2017 she was honored with Valubility of the Month.

Betsy Friauf OBC

Elizabeth Friauf
Senior Communications Specialist

Betsy Friauf’s decades-long journalism career culminated in transforming the Fort Worth Star-Telegram’s health section into an interactive experience including a weight-management club. She also handled employee and leadership communications, media relations and emergency communications for the City of Fort Worth.

Current duties: Friauf writes and edits employee communications, including stories for Daily News and Insite. She also organizes Team Tours and consults on successful messaging for events, programs and initiatives.

Web Team


Johnny Thompson
Executive Director

Johnny Thompson has more than 20 years of web and application development experience, successfully launching and maintaining countless sites and utilities in industries ranging from defense to banking.  He has called UNTHSC home since 2011.

Current duties: Thompson oversees all public-facing web properties, from the systems that run them to the systems that monitor them.  With a small but skilled team of developers, he has managed numerous mission-critical endeavors to enhance user experiences for both internal and external audiences.

Michael Brown photo

Michael Brown
Web Developer

Mike Brown started his technical career almost 10 years ago in the IT field and transitioned into web development by creating websites for small businesses all over the country.

Current duties: Brown is the front-end developer for UNTHSC.

Kai-Lea Wu photo

Kai-Lea Wu
Web Developer

Kai-Lea Wu started as a web developer at UNTHSC in 2014 after graduating with her master’s degree in computer science. She is eager to create solutions and learn new web-application technology.

Current duties: Wu develops and maintains web-related applications for UNTHSC.

Jacob Martella photo

Jacob Martella
Web Developer

Jacob Martella began as a freelance web developer in 2014 and graduated the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors in Journalism. He joined the UNTHSC as a web developer in 2018.

Current duties: Martella is the front-end developer for UNTHSC.


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