Key messages and elevator speech

Key messages

Our messaging reinforces and clarifies the UNTHSC vision of One University, built on values, defining and producing the providers of the future.

All of our communications should be anchored to the key messages, which support the One University vision. It’s not necessary that every communications piece include every key message. But they should all include at least one of them – and the more the better.

Tip: If your audience is internal to UNTHSC, it’s best to reference the One University vision. If your audience is external, it’s better to emphasize the key messages that support One University – especially the message of Extraordinary Teamwork – rather than explicitly reference the vision itself.

UNTHSC first

The One University vision means that communication should focus on UNTHSC first. Individual schools, programs or teams come second. Keep the spotlight where it belongs – on our work together.

Extraordinary Teamwork

Unity of purpose and vision are necessary to produce Extraordinary Teamwork. We set ourselves apart through Extraordinary Teamwork. At its highest level, it takes on a “team of teams” model where relationships among teams resemble relationships among individuals within a single team. We work as teams across departments, disciplines and schools to create a better education for our students, stronger research, improved patient care and a better work environment. We are one team.

Defining and producing the providers of the future

Our students will be the providers of the future. They are, in a sense, the product we all help produce. Everyone here helps define what that future looks like. Providers are the doctors, pharmacists, therapists or PAs who care for you in clinical settings. They are also the researchers in the lab or the public health professionals addressing childhood obesity or infant mortality. Providers from UNTHSC take care of patients, tackle public health challenges or conduct scientific research. They are emotionally intelligent, comfortable with technology and work in teams to make patients healthier and care safer.

Financial strength

UNTHSC is a good steward of state and local funding, federal research dollars and awards from private organizations. We also leave a sizable footprint on the North Texas economy. Our students and highly skilled alumni add hundreds of millions of dollars to the region.

Sustainable people culture

UNTHSC invests in its people. From Our Values to coaching to leadership training, UNTHSC is committed to building a lasting, values-based culture. The end goal: to be recognized as a destination workplace, a Best Place For All.

Elevator speech

An elevator speech is a brief, clear message that gives your audience a better understanding of UNT Health Science Center. In just a few sentences, it should emphasize the key messages that support our vision while giving people a clear picture of who we are and what we’re about.

Here is our elevator speech:

UNT Health Science Center is One University comprising six graduate colleges for health care providers, researchers and scientists. We have a strong culture based on values, and through Extraordinary Teamwork we produce leaders in health care and science who transform lives.

This page was last modified on February 19, 2020