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Why is it important to follow these guidelines?

To help us all communicate with one voice that is purposeful, clear and consistent. Having consistent messages makes it easier for people to get to know us and helps avoid confusing your audience.

How should I determine my message?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who is my audience?
  • What do you want them to know or say about UNTHSC?
  • What are you asking them to do?

The answers will help ensure your message is on target.

What are some powerful overall messages I can use?

Here are a few messages that clarify our vision: One University, built on values, defining and producing the providers of the future. Choose those that are most relevant to your communication goal.

  • UNTHSC first: One University means communication should focus on UNTHSC first and individual schools, programs or teams second.
  • Extraordinary Teamwork: We set ourselves apart through Extraordinary Teamwork. We work as teams across departments, disciplines and schools to create better education for students, stronger research, improved patient care and a better work environment.
  • Defining and producing the providers of the future: Our students are the providers of the future. Providers are the doctors, pharmacists, therapists and PAs who care for us—and the researchers and public health specialists who help provide a healthier community for us all.
  • Financial strength: We are a good steward of funding from all sources, and we make a sizable contribution to the local economy.
  • Sustainable people culture: We invest in our people and are committed to building a lasting values-based culture.

How can I succinctly pitch what UNTHSC does?

  • Use this “elevator speech.”
    • UNT Health Science Center is One University comprising six graduate colleges for health care providers, researchers and scientists. We have a strong culture based on values, and through Extraordinary Teamwork we produce leaders in health care and science to transform lives.

How can I make these messages most memorable to my audience?

  • Use concrete examples.
  • Explain how our programs improve lives.
  • Share stories.
  • Avoid jargon.

How can make sure my information is easy to understand and well organized?

Use the Now, and Next format. Start your communication with what is being accomplished Now by discussing accomplishments, milestones, ongoing work or challenges. Use Next to communicate what you expect to accomplish, what needs to change and upcoming projects.

Who should I contact with questions?

The Office of Brand and Communication is happy to assist. Email Cari.Hyden@unthsc.edu.

This page was last modified on July 3, 2019