Communication framework: Now, and Next

Use the Now, and Next communication framework in written communications, oral presentations and in meetings. This is an easy-to-use and scalable format for communication, designed to deliver information with clarity and help operational focus for accountability and future work.

Think of “Now, and Next” as the guardrails that keep our communications understandable and on the right path.

Communicate what is being accomplished “Now” by discussing accomplishments, milestones, ongoing work or existing challenges.  Use “Next” to communicate what you expect to accomplish, what needs to change or upcoming projects.

Every communication with an audience is an opportunity to inform them about UNTHSC, even if you have to briefly go off topic.

Example: Leading an internal meeting, or presenting to an outside group

“Before I begin discussing today’s topic, let me tell you a few things happening now UNT Health Science Center…”

  • Our pharmacy school recently graduated its first class and received full accreditation.
  • The UNT System just hired its first female chancellor. She was the No. 2 person at NASA.
  • Our DNA lab has been in the news for helping identify the victims of a serial killer.

“We’ve got some exciting things coming up next at UNTHSC…”

  • One of our Alzheimer’s experts is launching the nation’s largest study of cognitive disease in Mexican-Americans.
  • We’re working with TCU to open a new medical school that could help open hundreds of new residency slots in North Texas.
  • A new research building is scheduled for completion next year and will house our MD school, pharmacy college and our eye research institute.

This page was last modified on February 17, 2020