UNTHSC’s new communication toolkit

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Communication is a shared responsibility here at UNT Health Science Center. I ask that you help tell our story about the remarkable work we are doing together as one team.

Our success depends on us communicating with a single voice that is purposeful, clear and consistent. By delivering our key messages in a unified fashion, we reach our many audiences with a focused story that will tell them who we are, what we do and why we’re here.

What is our most powerful message? It’s us, working together as one team.

–Dr. Michael R. Williams


As you promote UNT Health Science Center, start by asking three simple questions:

  1. Who is your audience?
  2. What do you want them to know or say about UNTHSC?
  3. What are you asking them to do?

These questions help focus our messaging when communicating with internal or external audiences that are important to you and your team. Consistent messages make it easier for people to get to know us. Inconsistent messaging can confuse your audience.

The Office of Brand and Communication has developed key messages and guidelines to assist you. These guidelines help highlight and clarify UNTHSC’s One University vision, reinforced through Extraordinary Teamwork.

When possible and where it makes sense, UNTHSC team members are expected to integrate the messaging found in this guide into their internal and external communications.

Download the CommKit .pdf

Inside the CommKit

  1. Key messages and elevator speech
  2. Communication framework: Now, and Next
  3. How to tell our story
  4. CommKit FAQs
  5. Communication checklist
  6. Templates and resources


The Office of Brand and Communication is happy to assist you. You may contact Jeff Carlton or Cari Hyden if you have any questions. We welcome the opportunity to help your communications better connect with your audiences.

This page was last modified on September 12, 2017