The BioSkills of North Texas provides an ideal setting for medical and surgical education and training. The new facility is equipped with state-of-the-art A/V capabilities for both on- and off-site broadcasting.There are large dressing rooms, a food service/catering area, conference rooms, and a variety of classrooms sized to fit your needs.

Our highly-skilled team of trained professionals at the BNT will offer seamless support to guarantee the success of your event.

20,000-square-foot anatomical center

The Center for Anatomical Sciences includes the BioSkills of North Texas, the HSC Willed Body Program, anatomy faculty and staff offices, laboratory and classrooms for clinical training events, and research space for clinical device development.

8,000-square-foot clinical lab space

BioSkills of North Texas has 8,000 square feet of continuous lab space customizable to your event’s size and specifications. The main lab has 12 stations equipped with surgical lamps, monitors and cameras. Thirty more stations are available if needed.

Other amenities offered to our guests

Large food service area, 60-seat dividable classroom, men’s and women’s rest rooms/dressing rooms with lockers; all connected to the main BNT training laboratory. Classrooms from 60-500 seats if needed. Conference rooms are available for clients upon request.

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