Brandy M Roane, PhD, CBSM

Brandy Roane, PhD,

Associate Professor - Physiology and Anatomy
Physiology and Anatomy
Research interests:Sleep

Dr. Brandy M. Roane is a licensed clinical health psychologist and a certified behavioral sleep medicine specialist. At UNTHSC, Dr. Roane provides clinical services to children, teens, families and adults for the treatment of sleep disorders. Dr. Roane meets with new patients for an initial cons

In addition to providing clinical services, Dr. Roane is a well-established sleep researcher and directs the Sleep Research Lab within the integrated Center for Sleep Medicine. According to the National Institutes of Health, at least 40 million Americans have a chronic sleep disorder, and 20 million more sometimes have trouble with sleep. The Sleep Research Lab seeks to gain greater understanding of how sleep patterns and sleep disorders impact health and to develop novel and effective interventions to improve health outcomes.

Dr. Roane currently leads several studies, including the Teen Sleep and Health Project, Project Sync, and the Sleep During Pregnancy Study. The Teen Sleep and Health Project examines the influence of sleep and the daily biological and social rhythms and their impact on weight. Project Sync evaluates the effectiveness of a circadian-conscious intervention in reducing risk of type II diabetes in teens. The Sleep During Pregnancy Study examines sleep disorder symptoms and sleep patterns in pregnant women throughout the prenatal period.

In addition to her work at UNTHSC, Dr. Roane has continued to work with colleagues at Brown University, where she serves as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Alpert Medical School and as a Research Associate at the Sleep for Science Research Laboratory, E.P. Bradley Hospital. She also is an Adjunct Instructor at North Central Texas College and Metropolitan Community College.

Academic:Postdoctoral Fellow, Sleep and Chronobiology, Alpert Medical School of Brown University

Doctor of Philosophy, Clinical Health Psychology & Behavioral Medicine, University of North Texas

Psychology Intern, Pediatric Psychology, Munroe-Meyer Institute/University of Nebraska Medical Center

Master of Science, Psychology, University of North Texas

Bachelor of Arts, Psychology, University of Texas at Dallas

Honors:2011, 2013 – Pediatric Loan Repayment Award, NIH/NICHD/NIMH

2012 – Early Career Psychologist Credentialing Scholarship, National Register

2011 – Abstract Excellence Award, Sleep Research Society

2010 – LEND Interdisciplinary Leadership Graduate, Munroe Meyer Institute/University of Nebraska Medical Center

2006 – Founders Award, Southern Sleep Society

2006, 2007 – Honorable Mention Research Award, Sleep Research Society