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Steve Wayne Mifflin, PhD

Steve Mifflin, PhD

Interim Chair & Professor - Physiology and Anatomy
Physiology and Anatomy
Research interests:Neural and humoral control of cardiovascular and respiratory function

Dr. Steve Mifflin joined UNTHSC to lead the Department of Integrative Physiology and Anatomy in achieving world-class status. Having previously served as Professor of Pharmacology at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, Dr. Mifflin’s research explores how the brain responds to and adapts in diseases such as sleep apnea, heart failure and hypertension.

The lab he leads researches the ways that neurons in the brain adapt to pathophysiological conditions and contribute to the cardiovascular complications observed in these conditions. His research has garnered a great deal of interest because it mimics many of the problems observed in sleep apnea patients, including high blood pressure and insulin resistance.

Dr. Mifflin has another line of research investigating the mechanisms that stimulate salt intake. Given the universal recommendation that patients with cardiovascular disease restrict their salt intake, a better understanding of how and why we crave salt could provide insights into how to better help patients limit their salt intake.

Dr. Mifflin’s objective for the department is to identify new ways to treat these and other afflictions and to improve the quality of people's lives. Such research is expected to provide a better understanding of the ways that the brain regulates physiological processes that are necessary for a normal, healthy life.

Academic:Doctor of Philosophy, Physiology/Biophysics, University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Bachelor of Science, Zoology, Texas A&M University

Honors:Member, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) Executive Committee

Chair, GSBS Integrative Physiology - Bylaws Committee

Chair, GSBS Integrative Physiology - Curriculum Committee

Chair, GSBS Integrative Physiology - Faculty Search Committee