Michael J Forster, PhD

Michael Forster, PhD

Interim Chair & Professor - Pharmacology & Neuroscience
Pharmacology & Neuroscience
Research interests:Gerontology, behavioral pharmacology

Dr. Michael Forster is recognized internationally for research on the role of oxidative stress in age-associated brain dysfunction and in the anti-aging effects of caloric restriction, and has organized 17 national/international meetings on these and related topics. He holds one patent related to measurement of oxidative damage and is an inventor on three pharmaceutical patents.

Forster has played a leadership role in two major initiatives. For more than 20 years, he has served as Director of the UNTHSC site for the National Institute on Drug Abuse- Addiction Treatment Discovery Program (ATDP). The program has evaluated and reported on more than 3,000 potential medications for the treatment of drug addiction.

And as part of the National Institute on Aging Biomarkers of Aging Program, Forster developed and validated rodent models for assessment of age-related changes in brain function, and established outstanding testing facilities appropriate for assessing the effects of long-term interventions. His interaction with his program peers enabled him to report several novel observations that have led to significant advances in the understanding of the nature and mechanisms of the effect of caloric restriction on aging and neurobiological functions.

Forster's research has been funded continuously since 1987 by grants from the National Institute on Aging, National Institute on Drug Abuse, and the pharmaceutical industry.
Academic:Doctor of Philosophy, Psychobiology, Bowling Green State University

Master of Arts, Psychobiology, Bowling Green State University

Bachelor of Arts, Experimental Psychology, Muhlenberg College-Pennsylvania

Honors:2012 - President's Faculty Award for Research, UNTHSC

2011 - President, American Aging Association

2011 - President's Faculty Award for Research Excellence, UNTHSC

2008 - Regents Professor, UNTHSC

2005 - Benjamin L. Cohen, DO, Award for Achievement in Faculty Research, UNTHSC

2002 - Academic Commendation of Excellence, UNTHSC

1995 - Twenty-fifth Anniversary Pharmacology Faculty Award, UNTHSC; 25th Annual Meeting of the Society for Neuroscience