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Bruce Budowle, PhD

Bruce Budowle, PhD

Professor - Microbiology,Immunology & Gene
Microbiology,Immunology & Genetics
Research interests:Forensic and investigative genetics, molecular genetics

Bruce Budowle is involved in the research and validation of biotechnology and molecular genetic methodologies and also trains students.
Dr. Budowle has 26 years of experience in forensic science with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He served as research chemist at the Forensic Science Research and Training Center at the FBI Academy; was adjunct professor in the School of Continuing Education, University of Virginia, on the FBI Academy campus; was chief of the Forensic Science Research Unit in the Laboratory Division at the FBI Academy; and was a senior scientist in biology in the Laboratory Division of the FBI.
Dr. Budowle has contributed to the fundamental sciences as they apply to forensics in analytical development, population genetics, statistical interpretation of evidence, and in quality assurance. He has worked on laying some of the foundations for the current statistical analyses in forensic biology and defining the parameters of relevant population groups.
Following the events of 9-11, Budowle served on the Kinship and Data Analysis Panel established by the National Institute of Justice to assist the New York Medical Examiner’s Office in the identification of the remains from the World Trade Center disaster. Dr. Budowle is heavily involved in the forensic applications on bioterrorism and has been involved in developing the field known as microbial forensics. In this area, he has been the chair of the FBI’s Scientific Working Group on Microbial Genetics and Forensics, and served on the Steering Committee for the Colloquium on Microbial Forensics sponsored by the American Society of Microbiology. Budowle has served on National Academy of Sciences steering committees on microbial forensics and on next-generation sequencing.
An internationally renowned forensic scientist, Budowle has served or is serving as an International Fellow of the Institute of Environmental Science and Research, based in New Zealand; a visiting professor on the Faculty of Health and Science Medicine at Bond University in Australia; a member of the U.S. National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center Advisory Group; a visiting professor in the Department of Forensic Medicine at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, Thailand.
Academic:Doctor of Philosophy, Genetics, Virginia Tech Bachelor of Arts, Biology, King College, Bristol, Tenn. Post-Doctoral Studies, Diabetes/Cancer Genetic Genetics, University of Alabama at Birmingham

Honors:2010 - Health Care Hero Award, Dallas Business Journal
2004 - Honorary Member of the Mediterranean Academy of Forensic Sciences
2004 - University of Alabama at Birmingham's Ireland Distinguished Visiting Scholar
2001 - Paul L. Kirk Award, Criminalistics Section, American Academy of Forensic Sciences
2000 - FBI Director's Award for Excellence in Investigative Support
1998 - Honorary Member of the Finnish Society of Forensic Medicine
1996 - Forensic Scientist of the Year, MAAFS Mid-Atlantic Association of Forensic Scientists