TCOM Student and Alumni Virtual Speed Networking Event

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Join us for an opportunity to build connections between generations of osteopathic physicians

HSC for Life Student Alumni Association will host a virtual networking event on Tuesday, January 19, 2020, connecting current TCOM students with TCOM alumni. Students will be filtered through Zoom breakout rooms to meet in small groups with several alumni across various specialties. If you are a TCOM student who would like to participate in this event and make lasting connections with TCOM alumni, register today!

In order to make for the best discussion between students and alumni volunteers, registrant spots are limited.

Meet our alumni volunteers for this event

Dr. Jenica Rose-Stein, Pediatrics

Dr. Mo Rezaie, Internal Medicine

Dr. Rob Dickerman, Neurosurgery

Dr. Carter Newey, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Dr. Jeff Beeson, Emergency Medicine

Dr. Mike Martinez, Anesthesiologist

Dr. Bibas Reddy, Oncology

Dr. Matthew Thompson, Pathology

Dr. Melanie Lagomichos, Obstetrics & Gynecology