About Us

Our Mission

HSC for Life (HSC4L) is a group of current students committed to supporting the One University mission through leadership, networking, service, and philanthropy. They will work to strengthen the bond between past, present, and future students as well as promote service and philanthropy through fundraising and volunteerism.

Our Focus

Networking: HSC4L provides exclusive opportunities for its members to connect, collaborate, and network with our accomplished alumni. Our goal is to strengthen the bond between past, present, and future students.

Service: Serve Others First is a core value of the University. HSC4L embodies this value by offering its members and the campus community volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

Leadership: There are many opportunities for leadership within HSC4L. We have several officer positions available to our members. Additionally, you will lead the university in enhancing the student and alumni experience.

Philanthropy: HSC4L equips its members with knowledge and education on the importance of giving, as well as providing opportunities to support the university through philanthropy.

Officer Positions

President: The President of the HSC4L will preside over all meetings of the organization and prepare an agenda to be sent to the Staff Advisor before each meeting. They will be expected to coordinate efforts amongst all officers and members and promote our One University vision. The President strives to assist in the coordination and organization of activities on and off campus which support HSC4L’s purpose and to be present at HSC4L events.

President Elect: The President Elect (PE) shall assist the President in all duties, in addition to helping each of the officers complete their roles. The PE will preside over meetings in the absence of the President and be expected to serve a two-year term: first as President Elect and assume the role of President during their second year.

Vice President of Marketing: The Vice President of Marketing (VPM) will manage the branding and communication of HSC4L. The VPM will be responsible for establishing awareness of our organization and events through social media and physical advertising, as well as assisting in the creation of apparel and flyer designs. The VPM will be expected to maintain timely communication with other officers in order to assist in the promotion of their events.

Vice President of Philanthropy: The Vice President of Philanthropy (VPP) is responsible for communicating, coordinating, and executing fundraising events. The VPP strives to educate the community on the importance of donating money to the UNTHSC Foundation.

Vice President of Engagement: There will be one Vice President of Engagement (VPE) elected to represent each academic program at UNTHSC (i.e., PA, PT, Pharm, TCOM, SPH, SBS, Med Sci). The VPEs will serve as the liaison between their academic programs (faculty, staff, alumni, current students, and future students) and HSC4L. They will be responsible for identifying areas for collaboration between HSC4L and their programs as well as their programs and other programs on campus. In addition, they will create committees as needed, encourage participation and membership in HSC4L among their fellow classmates, and assist in the planning of events.