Short-term Loans

Short term loans are available to students who are enrolled and meet the criteria below.  The loans are awarded for the minimum amount of tuition and fees each semester.  The loans are posted to the student account in order to make the first payment in the Fall or Spring or the entire payment in a summer semester.

Students must meet the following criteria in order to qualify for a loan:

  • No outstanding blocks (Service Indicators preventing the student from receiving a Short Term Loan).
  • No outstanding loans (Service Indicator showing loan default status).
  • Students who have previously defaulted on a short-term loan that has been sent to a collection agency are not eligible to receive short-term loans.

Students may apply for short-term loans in person at the Financial Aid Office or by submitting the Short Term Loan form to the Financial Aid Office.  Students will be placed on the installment plan when obtaining a Short Term Loan for the fall or spring semesters. Short Term Loans can also be issued to pay the first installment amount if a student’s anticipated aid is not enough to cover the first installment amount.  Short Term Loans are issued for the first installment amount minus any anticipated aid amount. All loans must be repaid by the established due date in order to avoid collection costs. Unpaid loans are subject to being submitted to an outside collection agency.

The following fees are not covered by a short-term loan and must be paid before a short-term loan is awarded:  Late Registration Fee, Student Health Insurance Fee.

This page was last modified on March 2, 2015