Important Information Regarding Refunds

Financial Aid is disbursed approximately 10 days prior to the beginning of classes. Refunds will be processed the day after the disbursement and then on Tuesdays and Thursdays throughout the rest of the term.

In certain circumstances you may receive a REFUND when you still have an outstanding account balance since some types of financial aid can only be used to pay certain charges.

If a balance remains on your account after you receive a financial aid refund, you are responsible for paying it on time and in full each term.

Please review your student account frequently throughout each term for balances owed.

Refund Options

  • Direct Deposit (ACH)– If you choose this option, you will need to enter you existing bank routing and account numbers and your refund will be deposited into this account. Typically, this takes 2-3 banking days for the funds to become available in your bank account from the date your refund is processed.
  • Paper Check– If you choose this option, a paper check will be available to you for pickup in the Cashier’s Office in the Student Accounting office, SSC – Room 150. If your check is not picked up within a week, your check will be mailed to the address that was in your MyHSC Student Center at the time the refund was processed. Please make sure your address is up-to-date in the student center.

Steps to Set Up Direct Deposit

  1. Go to your myHSC Student Center.
  2. Click on the Account Inquiry link in the Finances and Financial Aid section.
  3. Click on the Account Services tab.
  4. Click on the Direct Deposit Enrollment tab.
  5. Enter your bank routing number and your account number.
  6. Read the terms of agreement and select “I agree”.
  7. Click “Authorize Enrollment”.

Please consider this secure, efficient and time-saving option.

This page was last modified on December 12, 2018