Collecting feedback from various stakeholders helps UNTHSC:

  • Gain knowledge about the needs and expectations of students, faculty, staff and others,
  • Assess satisfaction with programs and services, and
  • Identify opportunities for improvement.

The Office of Strategy & Organizational Excellence (OSOE) facilitates the administration of the Denison Organizational Culture Survey in odd years and the Faculty/Staff Survey of Employee Engagement in even years. OSOE administers the annual Student Satisfaction Survey  in the spring to evaluate students’ overall level of satisfaction with a variety of elements of campus life and determine which areas need improvement, including institutional facilities and services, academics, student services and programs, the student health clinic, the student assistance program, and student services provided by individual programs. The Faculty Survey of Administration will be administered for the first time in 2013 to provide a baseline of faculty perceptions of chairs, deans, and other key leadership personnel. OSOE also administers Qualtrics, the institutionally-supported software for collection and analysis of survey data by faculty, staff, and students.

OSOE has helped several departments such as the Office of Finance, Planning and Budget, the Office for Protection of Human Subjects and others conduct customer satisfaction surveys. If you would like assistance in developing or administering surveys for your department, please contact Marc Foster at 817-735-0370.

This page was last modified on June 10, 2015