Process Improvement

OSOE provides training in process improvement methods for faculty and staff and supports process improvement projects across the institution. OSOE promotes the use of the Plan-Do-Check-Act model of process improvement. In the past, OSOE has provided training in support of the Management Development Program, as part of Organizational Development training, and on demand to support process improvement teams.


    1. Select the problem/process that will be addressed and describe the improvement opportunity.
    2. Describe the current process surrounding the improvement opportunity.
    3. Describe all of the possible causes of the problem and agree on the root cause(s).
    4. Develop an effective and workable solution and action plan, including targets for improvement.


    1. Implement the solution or process change.


    1. Review and evaluate the result of the change.


  1. Reflect and act on learnings.

Guidelines for Process Improvement Projects