UNTHSC Operational Assessments

Operational Assessments identify strengths and opportunities for improvement to be addressed for all facets of the university’s academic and academic support departments through a thorough, comprehensive, and objective review process. All operational activities should be considered in the review, including budget and capital resources. The operational assessment should be seen as developmental and should result in continuous improvement of services, processes, and performance without being threatening in any degree or form. Other objectives may be identified for a particular department and recommended by the Review Committee.

All academic and service departments will be reviewed once every five years. Reviews are scheduled for a three month period (or 12 weeks) to allow for information gathering, research, meetings and interactions, etc. as needed. For more information, click on the UNTHSC Operational Assessment Guide or Operational Assessment Self-Study Template links below.

Operational Assessment Guide

Operational Assessment Reviewer’s Guide

Operational Assessment Self-Study Template

Sample Site Visit Invitation

Sample Site Visit Agenda


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