Collecting feedback from various stakeholders helps UNTHSC:

  • Gain knowledge about the needs and expectations of students, faculty, staff and others,
  • Assess satisfaction with programs and services, and
  • Identify opportunities for improvement.

The Office of Organizational Excellence (OOE) facilitates the administration of the Faculty/Staff Survey of Employee Engagement and the annual Student Satisfaction Survey .

OOE has helped several departments such as the Office of Finance, Planning and Budget, the Office for Protection of Human Subjects and others conduct customer satisfaction surveys. If you would like assistance in developing or administering surveys for your department, please contact our office at 817-735-2612.


2016 Surveys

Values Initiatives Survey – Helps determine our progress to date and opportunities for improvement as we continue on Our Values journey.

Influencers and Communication Flows Survey – Provides information to strengthen institution-wide communication by identifying key UNTHSC influencers.

Survey of Employee Engagement – Provides information to leadership about our workforce and organizational issues–and highlights our strengths and opportunities for improvement. Results are used by leadership to drive improvement across the organization.

Communications Survey – Identifies strengths and weaknesses in our institutional communications. Information is used to maximize communication effectiveness.

This page was last modified on July 20, 2016