OPD Videos

Leadership Series

These videos contain material or content from our leadership development programs at UNT Health Science Center.

The theme of our December Leadership 125 meeting was “Getting in touch with our own humanity.” Our guest speaker was Dr. Edith Eva Eger. Edie is a holocaust survivor, accomplished speaker and clinical psychologist specializing in helping others lead full lives by moving beyond their problems – no matter how insurmountable.  Video below is her presentation at UNTHSC.

1115 Waiver Projects

These informative videos are intended to share stories of patients who are assisted by the 1115 Waiver projects at the UNT Health Science Center.

“Something to Talk About” Video Series

These videos are designed to help begin the conversation around topics of interest at the Health Science Center.  Our goal is for these light-hearted videos to inform our actions and behaviors in support our values-based culture.
  • Episode 1- “Starting the Conversation

    As the office staff begins to have regular feedback sessions, Vanneise conducts a discussion with “John” about his strengths and opportunities for improvement for one of Our Values.

  • Episode 2- “Raising the Bar

    As the office staff begins to have regular feedback sessions, Katy and Julian collaborate to determine the best stretch goal for Julian to focus on in the upcoming year.

  • Episode 3- “The Performance Review

    Understanding the differences between meeting expectations and exceeding expectations can be difficult, watch as Sarah and Cristina discuss Sarah’s performance over the last year.

Suggestions for future videos can be sent to OPD@unthsc.edu.

This page was last modified on September 22, 2016