Leadership Development Team

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The Leadership Development Team will work on behalf of students and team members, representing all levels and geographies, to develop and implement a systematic organizational leadership development program based upon Our Values and supporting Behaviors.


Executive Director of Leadership Development: Jonathan Silk, Office of People Development

Executive Sponsor: Steve Sosland, Office of People Development


Advisory Team:

Dan Burgard, Lewis Library

Vanneise Collins, Center for Innovative Learning

Glenn Dillon, Health Institutes


Faculty & Staff Leadership Development Team:

Faculty & Staff Team Charter:

The Faculty & Staff Leadership Development Team will establish a leadership development program for faculty and staff based on our Values.

PROGRAM: HSC Fellows- a leadership intensive

Chair: Sara Murphy, Office of Organizational Excellence

Bryan Hauf, Center for Innovative Learning

Cynthia Carroll, Interprofessional Education

Jennifer Hinkle, Obstetrics and Gynecology

Rakia Johnson, International Student and Scholar Services

Melva Landrum, Educational Programs-TCOM

Kim Meyer, Physician Assistant Studies

Jimmy Renfro, Career Center



PROGRAM: Inspire

Chair: Nicki McGee

Vanneise Collins, Center for Innovative Learning

David Crane, Orthopaedics

Jessie Johnson, Office of People Development

Essence Ragland, Office of Communication

Gabby Sewell, Institutional Advancement

Felicity White, School of Health Professions


Student Leadership Development Team:

Student Team Charter:

The Team will work on behalf of UNTHSC to establish, implement, and assess a systematic student leadership development program based on Our Values and supporting Behaviors.

PROGRAM: Student Leadership Academy

Chair: Ayesha Hawkins, Office of Student Development

Lauren Booe, School of Public Health

Cynthia Carroll, Interprofessional Education

Nancy Eanes, Career Center

Shara Elrod, Pharmacotherapy

Ashley Gentry, Physician Assistant Studies

Carla Johnson, Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Jennifer Nanni, Institutional Advancement

Lori Saunders, Office of Student Development

Shelby Vinson, Center for Academic Performance

Contact via email: studentleadershipprograms@unthsc.edu.

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