Health Navigation and Incentives for Mental Health Patients (m.chat) – Scott Walters, PhD

This project, which finished operations in December 2017, utilized a technology-enhanced navigation and incentive program for high-risk mental health patients in Permanent Supportive Housing (PSH) and other low-income housing programs. The project drew on prior research on brief patient navigation systems that utilized motivational interviewing and wellness incentives to specifically target the relationship between substance abuse and mental health in high-risk populations.

Targeted patient population:

  • Medicaid and Low-income, Uninsured Patients, 18 and above
  • Residents of Tarrant County Permanent Supportive Housing and other low-income housing programs
  • Patients with a Mental Health Condition


More Information on m.chat:

Article on m.chat in Social Work Today – walters et al., 2015, health coaching and technology with vulnerable clients


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