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Resource Description
Revenue Account List Revenue accounts and descriptions for the UNT Health Science Center.
Expenditure Account List Expenditure accounts and descriptions for the UNT Health Science Center.
Cost Share Account List Cost share accounts and descriptions for the UNT Health Science Center.
Departments Department IDs with descriptions and manager’s name.
Projects Project IDs with descriptions and manager’s name.
NACUBO Classes NACUBO classes and descriptions.
Training Description
Merchant Credit Card Setup Procedure The Merchant Credit Card Set Up Request is used by a department to request the ability to accept payment by credit card.
USAS Access Setup Procedure The Uniform State Accounting System (USAS) Access Form is used to request access to USAS, TINS, HRS, SPA, and other State online systems.
Journal Entry Correction Procedure The Journal Entry Correction request is made to correct journal entry transactions, by moving expenses or revenues from one DeptID or ProjID to another, and/or from one account to another.
Cash Handling Procedure This procedure is used to ensure the proper method for cash handling.
Requesting Journal Worksheet Training Journal Worksheet Training is requested by a DeptID holder when a department is granted authority to utilize Journal Worksheets to post transactions to the General Ledger.
Fund Group Guidelines Provide guidance on determining if expenditures are allowed or not allowed to be paid by UNTHSC funds, based on the fund group in which the DeptID resides
Purchasing Handbook General reference manual covering the purchasing process and the handling of special situations (HSC intranet only)
Receipt, Custody Deposit Revenues Procedure to ensure the safeguarding of revenues received by a department, along with the timely deposit of those revenues.


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