Policies and Procedures

The University of North Texas System Board of Regents establishes the authority for the System, the System Administration, and the Institutions to approve and execute contracts pursuant to Texas Education Code § 105.108. All contracts entered into by the System, UNT or UNT Health Science Center must comply with State of Texas requirements, and adhere to the requirements of the Regents Rules.

Regents Rule 03.903 on Delegation of Authority for Contracts and Agreements

Contract Signatory Matrix, 4/14/20

Chapter 10 Fiscal Management
Policy 10.110 Contract Administration

This policy defines the responsibilities for entering into contracts and managing contracts on behalf of the University of North Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC). Unless specifically excluded by System policy or another policy, this policy governs all contracts entered into by UNTHSC, including all original contracts, amendments, modifications, corrections, changes, extensions and renewals.

Application of Policy. All UNTHSC Faculty and Staff.


  • “Contract” means any written agreement that creates a binding obligation,financial or otherwise, for the University. Contracts include but are not limited to affiliation agreements, cooperative agreements, easements, grants, intellectual property agreements, inter-agency contracts, internship agreements, leases, letter agreements, letters of intent, licenses, loans, memorandum of understanding, nondisclosure agreements, professional services agreements, and purchase orders.
  • “Purchase Order” means the official document issued to a vendor for the purchase of goods and services. It contains an authorized purchase order number and signature.
  • “Research and Research Related Contracts” means agreements and contracts related to or arising from research efforts and includes grant agreements, industry contracts for research studies or sponsored projects, licensing agreements and material transfer agreements, confidential disclosure agreements, collaboration agreements, inter-institutional agreements, inter-agency agreements, teaming agreements, and any other agreement related to sponsored projects or University owned intellectual property.

Rules and Responsibilities.

  • All UNTHSC Contracts shall be in writing. A contract shall be executed whenever UNTHSC enters into an agreement with another party that creates a binding obligation, financial or otherwise.

Responsible Party: UNTHSC Employees

  • Contracts shall comply with applicable federal and state law and regulations, Regents Rules, and applicable UNTHSC policies and procedures; shall be properly executed by a person with appropriate authority; shall adequately protect UNTHSC resources; and shall support the mission of UNTHSC.

Responsible Party: UNTHSC Employees

  • The Office of Contract Administration will oversee the management and administration of all UNTHSC contracts except Research and Research Related Contracts. Procedures will be posted on the Contract Administration website.

Responsible Party: Office of Contract Administration

  • The Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP),  formerly Office of Grant & Contract Management or the Office of Research and Innovation (ORI) will oversee the management and administration of Research and Research Related Contracts. Procedures will be posted on the OSP website.

Responsible Party: OSP

  • The Office of Contract Administration will serve as the central repository for all original UNTHSC contracts (excluding Research and Research Related Contracts) and will maintain UNTHSC contract records in accordance with established policies and procedures.

Responsible Party: Contract Liaison, Office of Contract Administration.

  • Authority to enter into UNTHSC contracts is vested in the University of North Texas (UNT) System Board of Regents. The Board has delegated authority to execute certain contracts to the Chancellor and to the President of UNTHSC, and this authority may be further delegated. Delegations must be in writing, clearly state the extent of the authority delegated, and state if and to what extent the authority may be further delegated. No employee has the authority to incur any obligation or enter into a contract or agreement on behalf of UNTHSC unless this authority has been specifically delegated in writing pursuant to Regents Rule 03.900, Delegation of Authority for Contracts and Agreements.

Responsible Party: UNTHSC Employees

  • All contracts shall have all applicable administrative and legal reviews completed and be signed by all parties prior to commencement of any duties and/or actions by the parties as stipulated in the contract.

Responsible Party: UNTHSC Employees

  • Individuals who violate this policy by entering into contracts without proper authority or institutional review, can be held personally liable for the contract. All potential violations of this policy will be reported to the Office of Institutional Compliance for investigation. Violations of this policy shall be dealt with through established administrative/disciplinary processes and UNTHSC Policy 05.901.

Responsible Party: UNTHSC Employees


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