1.  What is a contract?

At a basic level, a contract is an agreement between two or more parties that creates a binding obligation, financial or otherwise. Examples for UNTHSC include affiliation, intellectual property, nondisclosure, hotel, and professional service agreements; as well as grants, leases, memoranda of understanding, and purchase orders for goods or services. Regents Rule 03.900 requires all contracts for the UNT System or an Institution to be in writing and to be approved and signed by an individual with appropriate delegated signature authority. If an unauthorized individual signs the contract, the contract may not be legally binding on UNTHSC and the person signing the agreement may be held personally responsible for it. If you are not sure if a document you have is a contract, please contact OCA. We also encourage you to review Section 1. What is a Contract? in the OGC’s Contracting Handbook. Please click here

Contract Routing

1.  Where can I find a routing slip? *UPDATED

Routing slips are posted on the Office of Contract Administration website under the “Forms” weblink. *If you have trouble accessing the Routing Slips using the weblink on the “Forms” webpage, please go to our Intranet page under the Forms and Reports page. The Routing Slips have been revised to include additional information regarding requirements for Board of Regents (BOR) approvals. Regents Rule 03.903 requires each contract, unless one of the exceptions listed, with a total cost or monetary value of $1,000,000 or more to be submitted for BOR approval. Subsequent amendments, extensions, renewals or cumulative amendments that increase the total cost or monetary value to $1,000,000 or more must also be submitted for approval. Please use the new Routing Slips to route your contracts effective immediately.

2.  When a department is completing a routing slip, who signs it?

The Department Head/Chair and the Contract Liaison sign the routing slip.

3.  When you have a Purchasing Contract or a contract with an expenditure to be paid on a Purchase Order what do you do?

Create a requisition in EIS and electronically attach the contract and the completed routing slip to the requisition.

Contract Review/Status

1.  How long will my contract review take?

Agreements are processed on a first-in first-out basis and can take up to two weeks to execute depending on the complexity and volume of contracts already in process. Requests for Rush/Priority processing will be accommodated on a case-by-case basis, depending on workload.

2. Board of Regent Approval requirement on contracts *NEW

Because of statutes on governing board ethics and standards of conduct, all contracts with Tarrant County have to be approved by the UNT System Board of Regents while the current regents are serving on the board. OCA will notify you of the BOR approval requirement if the BOR approval is not included with the contract documentation. Please work with your appropriate supervisor or Vice President regarding the process for BOR approval.

Contract Execution

1.  Who keeps a copy of the executed contract?

The initiating department keeps a copy of the executed contract and the Office of Contract Administration maintains the original.

2.  Who can sign a contract?

Only a person who has been delegated signature authority in writing by the UNT System Board of Regents, the UNT System Chancellor, or the UNTHSC President or his/her designee is authorized to sign a contract.

To review the current UNTHSC contract signature delegations, select the “Signature Delegations” link on the Office of Contract Administration website. This section is restricted and you must have an EUID and password and be connected to the UNTHSC Intranet via dialup, VPN or on campus to access it.


This page was last modified on September 6, 2016