Contract Liaisons

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Person within a department that establishes and maintains communication about UNT Health Science Center contracts for mutual understanding and cooperation.

The Contract Liaison:

  • Is delegated by a department head/chair
  • Is knowledgeable about department contracts
  • Will work closely with the Office of Contract Administration through each stage of contract administration

Each Department Head/Chair, whose area has cause to enter into contractual agreements on behalf of the institution, is asked to select the department Contract Liaison(s). During the year, the Contract Liaisons will serve as a departmental contract contact and will collaborate with the Office of Contract Administration in contract managing at the department level
and in assisting with contract processing, routing, and administration.

Please include each staff member who will be handling and/or submitting business contracts so our office can include them in communications and periodic updates in which we will be sharing information about available resources; revisions in reference documents, policies, and procedures; reminders about procedures and tasks that need to be completed; and training for the Sophia contract management system as well as general contract management training.

Contract Liaison Data Entry Form

Contract Liaison Procedures

Designating Contract Liaison

** Enter the domain  name and EUID,  Example: (UNTHSC\xxxXXXX)

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