Frequently Asked Questions


What is the schedule for shredding days on campus?

Scheduled days are the first and third Tuesday of every month. Anything outside the normal schedule will result in an additional $40.00 fee. If you need assistance with either receiving a new bin or removing an existing bin, please contact Bhavna Desai, Compliance and Privacy Auditor, at


What is the process to send records to off-site storage?

You will need to contact Dennys Arrieta, Senior Executive Assistant, at to obtain the appropriate materials required for proper labeling. The department will, also, be responsible for providing and maintaining a Transmittal Log of all contents within. Once this process is complete, our office will submit a request for pickup from the department’s location.


How do I know if records have met retention?

As the Record Management Representative (RMR), you will need to confirm records have met the Retention Law by reviewing the Records Retention Schedule.


What is the process for records disposition? 

Please email Dennys Arrieta at a copy of the Records Disposition Form. Once all required signatures have been obtained, the office will coordinate with our vendors to have the records disposed.


Am I able to review our off-site record inventory?

Yes. There are two options available.

Option 1: Records can be delivered to your location for review, but there is a delivery fee associated with this option. Also, records must be stored in a secure area with limited access.

Option 2: Records can be reviewed at the off-site location. You will need to contact Dennys Arrieta at to coordinate a date and time with the off-site vendor. 



This page was last modified on January 19, 2024