Records and Information Management Fees


Shredding Charges

On Campus per bin charge
$20 – $30
Per month (2 pick up every other Tuesday)
Off Campus
1 pickup per month.
Box or shred bag
EA. (Which are located in office Lib 114)

Record Center Storage

Charges per month
Based upon box size. Call for pricing on box sizes not listed.
(Standard cubic foot box)
10x12x15 Climate Control
10x12x24 Climate Control
10x15x24 Climate Control
15x10x24 Climate Control
6x15x20 Climate Control
9x6x24 Climate Control

Empty/New Box for Record Storage

Standard Size 10x12x15
Per box
Call for pricing for alternative sizes.

Retrieval/Re-Entry Charge

per file and/or box
Rush Charge for Records
Indexing per Box
Indexing per File

Microfiche/CD Printing

per page

Imaging Services

Each job request is evaluated to determine cost per job.
Please email to schedule a time to meet and determine job requirements RecMgmt@unthsc.edu.

ApplicationXtender -Imaging

ApplicationXtender/  WebXtender-License
Please email RecMgmt@unthsc.edu.
ApplicationXtender/ WebXtender- Yearly Maintenance
Please email RecMgmt@unthsc.edu.
AXIM- License
Please email RecMgmt@unthsc.edu.
AXIM- Yearly Maintenance
Please email RecMgmt@unthsc.edu.

Download the Records Management Service Fee list



This page was last modified on June 1, 2023