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Summer Benefits Enrollment will be: July 4 to July 16

  • Summer Enrollment is the annual time when you can make changes to your benefits (example, change Dental plans or drop Vision insurance).
  • Changes made during Summer Enrollment are effective Sept. 1, 2022.

Much more information will be coming to you via mail (from ERS), your campus news (watch your email), and from your UNTS HR Benefits team.  Information will include rate changes (if applicable), comprehensive information on your benefits options, and instructions for making changes.

Important steps to take now: Make sure ERS has your correct address. Please log in to your ERS portal here and check your personal information to ensure your address is correct.

It’s okay to need help: Mental Health Awareness

If you are struggling with thoughts or feelings that make it harder to get through your day, you’re not alone. Learn to identify mental health warning signs and the resources covered by your HealthSelectSM medical plan that can help you take charge of your mental health.  Also, there are a variety of live webinars focusing on Mental Health Services. Visit the Well-being Calendar to sign up for one or all that may fit your schedule.  Unable to join, don’t worry they will be recorded and posted at a later date.

2022 HSC Service Expo

We are excited to have met with all of our campus team members at this year’s HSC Service Expo. It was great to connect with all of you!

Order Your Free At-Home COVID-19 Test Kits

Beginning March 7, 2022, every home in the U.S. is eligible to order free at-home COVID-19 tests.  Limit 2 sets of 4 test kits per household (for a total of 8 free test kits) by visiting https://special.usps.com/testkits.

Get Your 8 Hours of Well-Being Paid Leave

It takes just two easy steps: 1) Complete an annual physical exam and 2) complete the Health Risk Assessment in the Health Select of Texas Blue Cross Blue Shield “Well onTarget” portal. Then provide proof of these two steps to your campus Benefits Advisor via email. When you take the health risk assessment in the portal, you accrue “Blue Points” that can be used to purchase items in an online shopping mall including fitness gear, electronics, camping gear and more. Get full instructions on how to start your well-being paid time off.

Covered OTC Covid-19 test through our Optum Rx plan

Effective January 15, 2022, the federal government is requiring most insurance plans to cover the cost of limited at home Covid-19 Antigen Test.  This program will allow for direct purchase at the pharmacy, as well as the ability to submit claims  for a reimbursement.  To get these tests at no cost to you, you must use your prescription insurance card at an in-network pharmacy.

You don’t need a prescription for these tests, just present your prescription insurance card and the tests you want.

  • Coverage allows for eight tests per plan participant every 30 days.
    • For example, if your HealthSelect coverage includes yourself, your spouse and three children, every 30 days your household can get up to 40 tests—eight each for all five participants—at no cost to you.
  • Under federal guidelines, the plan covers only specific tests. Please see the list of covered tests below. It will be updated as new FDA-approved tests become available.
  • Some packages of home tests have more than one test. Your covered 30-day limit is based on the number of tests, not the number of boxes.
    • For example, if you have individual coverage and purchase boxes that have two tests in each box, your insurance will cover four boxes (with a total of eight tests) in a 30-day period.
  • If you buy your tests at an out-of-network pharmacy and/or without using your prescription card, you must pay the cost up front. You can submit the expense through direct management reimbursement (DMR). Learn more about DMR and get the reimbursement form.
    • If you use DMR, your coverage is still limited to the tests listed below, as well as eight tests per insured participant each 30 days.
    • If you use DMR, your reimbursement is capped at $12 for each test (not each box).
  • Your medical benefits will continue to cover other (non-home) COVID-19 tests, such as PCR tests at doctors’ offices and other testing sites.
Covered over-the-counter home COVID-19 tests include:
  • Flowflex Kit Home Test
  • Quickvue Home Kit COVID-19
  • Ellume COVID-19 Kit Home Test
  • BinaxNow COVID-19 Kit Home Test
  • Inteliswab Kit COVID-19
  • On/Go COVID Kit Antigen

For questions, please reach out to OptumRx at 855-828-9834 or retirees on the UHC for Medicare Advantage may call 866-868-0609.  More information about this program can be found by visiting Optum Rx.

OKR Development Workshop replay

OKRs is the new Performance Management methodology that all team members across HSC are using to streamline and create aspirational performance goals. To learn more about this methodology and how to write an effective OKR, please click here to enroll and watch a live recorded webinar of the OKR Development Workshop.

Update Your Personal Information

HSC Campus HR wants to remind you to keep your personal information current. Visit the employee portal at https://my.untsystem.edu to update your info today!

  • Correct legal name (this should mirror IRS records)
  • Home address and telephone number
  • Emergency contact information
  • Beneficiary information (insurances and retirement plans)



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