Protected Expression on Campus

Freedom of Speech

As a public institution of higher education in the State of Texas, we are obligated to comply with State laws. Texas Education Code Sec. 51.9315, Protected Expression on Campus, requires HSC to protect the expressive rights of persons guaranteed by the constitutions of the United States and of this state by:

(1)  recognizing freedom of speech and assembly as central to the mission of institutions of higher education; and

(2)  ensuring that all persons may assemble peaceably on the campuses of institutions of higher education for expressive activities, including to listen to or observe the expressive activities of others.

In accordance with State law, HSC will:

(1)  ensure that the common outdoor areas of the institution’s campus are deemed traditional public forums; and

(2)  permit any person to engage in expressive activities in those areas of the institution’s campus freely, as long as the person’s conduct is not unlawful, and does not materially and substantially disrupt the functioning of the institution.

HSC Policy 1.104 Free Speech and Public Assembly on Campus Grounds, describes the university’s requirements for space use on the HSC campus and due process for grievances.  It is a violation of the policy for students and employees to unduly interfere with expressive activities that are in accordance with the policy.

This page was last modified on August 6, 2021