EIS Financials

HSC Employees are offered the ability to make requests for ePro through System HR. This team can be contacted via email at the HRIS Team box.

All training material can be located via the BSC Business Process Training webpage. Training must be complete before requests will be granted for Approver or Coordinator rights.


Common Types of Access

The most common security roles include the following:

  • ePro Coordinator Access – Provides the ability to create requisitions for the specified Dept ID indicated on the Coordinator request form. Training modules necessary to be granted access are: ePro Coordinator and Purchasing 101.
  • ePro Approver – Provides the ability to Approve requisitions that have been created by Coordinators. Approver rights do not require a form submission; only an email indicating that the proper training modules have been completed. The above training requirements also apply.
  • ePro Approver Proxy or Alternate Approver – Grants the ability to approve requisitions on behalf of a Dept ID holder. Please fill out the “Approval Proxy” form on the BSC webpage.

Users may only have Approver or Coordinator access and cannot maintain both at the same time.

Common Errors Encountered

If a requisition does not successfully route, there are typical causes:

  • The Dept ID holder does not have ePro Approver rights to Approve requisitions – The Dept ID holder must complete ePro Approver and notify the HSC Financial Systems team when the training is complete.
  • The Dept ID holder is no longer an active employee – A new Dept ID holder must be appointed.
  • The Approver Proxy for a Dept ID holder is no longer an active employee – The Approver must be removed. Notify the HSC Financial Systems team upon termination. A new proxy may also be appointed.
  • The Approver Proxy’s term has expired – The term must be renewed or the Dept ID holder must complete Approver training.
  • The campus location associated with a Requester ID within ePro is incorrect – Notify the HSC Financial Systems team with the Requester ID (Example: H10605), the location and phone number.

ePar Assistance

For all ePar security requests, errors or assistance, please contact the HRIS Team within System HR.

CTP-Concur Pagelet (Corporate Travel Planners)

Access to the Concur pagelet is found
within the MyHSC
portal page


Navigate to the “Human Resources” tab, and if
the pagelet content is not visible, notify the HSC
Financial Systems

This page was last modified on May 24, 2018