EEO Training Compliance

The purpose of this state employee’s training material is to comply with UNTHSC Policy 05.201.

You will need to access the EEO training using one of the following web browsers:

  • Firefox – Version 24 or higher
  • Chrome – any current version
  • Internet Explorer – Version 10 or higher
  • Safari – Version 5 or higher

Please do not use a tablet or a phone.

  1. Login using your EUID and password.
  2. Select the Equal Employment Opportunity Compliance Course.
  3. Read all instructions before beginning the course.
  4. Select the EEO Compliance Course tab.
  5. Read all content in the course and the EEO Training Acknowledgement page.
  6. Complete the test.  You must receive a passing score of 70.
  7. Enter your password to acknowledge your completion.
  8. Print your certificate, if you would like a copy for your records.


This page was last modified on October 5, 2016