The HSC CONTRACT MANAGEMENT ROUTING SLIP is an internal document that provides concise information about the contract or agreement and is a necessary document to show that appropriate signatories and delegated signature authority officials have reviewed and approved the contract or agreement. The type of Routing Slip you complete is
determined by the type of contract/agreement.

All of the business contracts routed at UNT Health Science Center can be categorized in basically four (4) categories:

Types of Contracts

Once the contract has been drafted, reviewed and approved at the department level, the contract should be prepared for routing. The department Contract Liaison or department Contact Person prepares at least two (2) originals of the contract for signature, generates the appropriate UNT Health Science Center Routing Slip and obtains necessary department approvals (Chair/Director
signature and Contract Liaison signature and (if applicable) ITS, BSC Purchasing, the appropriate Dean, Facilities and Construction depending on the nature of the Contract) on the Routing Slip. There are Routing Slips specific to certain departments because of the signatories in each division that need to review contracts. If you have questions about which Routing Slip to use, please contact the Office of Contract Administration (x 2945). In most cases, you will use the Generic Routing Slip.

The department Contract Liaison or department Contact Person then sends the signed UNTHSC Routing Slip, at least two (2) original contracts, and any applicable exhibits & addendums to the appropriate office based on the UNT Health Science Center Contract Review and Routing Process.

** UNTHSC Purchasing contracts have a different submittal process.

Instructions for Completing Routing Slip

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*If you have trouble accessing the Routing Slips using the link above, please go to our Intranet page under the “Forms and Reports” page.

Please visit the Training link to see the procedures for routing business contracts at UNT Health Science Center.