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UNT Health Compliance Standards of Conduct
UNT Health employees and business affairs are supported by accountability, conducted with honesty and fairness; and empowered by understanding our role in promoting a culture of compliance and ethical standards–the ACE promise.


  • We recognize our responsibilities and actively participate in our supporting roles in UNT Health’s compliance program
  • We actively seek and participate in training to enhance our understanding of federal and state laws relating to Compliance and Privacy regulations
  • We respect and protect every patient’s privacy and guard their protected health information against inappropriate use and disclosure
  • We promise to keep UNT Health’s daily health care operations, activities, business affairs and finances confidential and discussed or made available only to authorized individuals
  • We are committed to submitting bills to government and private insurance payers that are truthful, accurate and conform to the requirements of federal and state regulations
  • We shall not offer or accept any financial inducement, gift, payoff, kickback, or bribe intended to induce, influence or reward favorable decisions of any government personnel or representative, any customer, contractor or vendor in a commercial transaction or any person in a position to benefit UNT Health or the employee in any way
  • We will accurately and honestly represent UNT Health and will not engage in any activity or scheme intended to defraud anyone of money, property or honest services
  • We will cooperate with government officials during investigations of all reasonable demands made and will not prevent investigators from carrying out their assigned responsibilities. We will not obstruct justice by concealing, altering or destroying physical evidence or making or encouraging false or misleading statements
  • We will not solicit or receive anything of value, directly or indirectly, in exchange for referring patients to any other healthcare provider or supplier
  • We are committed to sustaining UNT Health’s culture of promoting our high standards of ethical conduct and compliance with federal and state regulations
  • We are committed to becoming exemplary role models of our mission
  • We will affirmatively support our ethical duty to report any suspicious behavior or situation we believe may be in violation of any applicable law or UNT Health’s policies
  • We believe that compliance is everyone’s responsibility
Ethics Hotline: 1-877-606-9187
UNT Health Compliance and
Privacy Officer:
Nellie Butze, RN, BS, CPC, CHC, CHPC
UNT Health Science Center Institutional Compliance Officer:
Bill LeMaistre, JD, MPH

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