Quality Matters

A well-designed course is more likely to engage learners and positively affect their performance. This certification mark signifies that a course has met Quality Matters review standards. A QM-Certified Course is an online or blended course that has been evaluated using the QM Rubric and met its 42 standards in an official course review. The University of North Texas Health Science Center is in the top 20% of schools with over 17 certified courses.

HSC Certified Courses

Course Name Expiration Date
HMAP 5322 Population Health Analytics 8/23/2028
BAC 5330 Health Communication Strategies 5/10/2028
HMAP 5330 Leading People 4/24/2028
HMAP 5314 Health Insurance and Managed Care 4/13/2028
EOHS 5313 Topics in Global Food Security and Sustainability 9/23/2027
LHLT 5306 Exercise for Health and Chronic Disease 06/24/2027
BMSC 5315 Scientific Communication 05/22/2027
HMAP 5318 Managing Across the Continuum of Care 4/4/2027
LHLT 5304 Nutrition for Health and Chronic Disease 02/24/2027
EOHS 5300 Environmental Determinants of Health I 4/21/2027
LHLT 5301 Introduction to Evidence-Based Lifestyle Medicine 1/22/2027
LHLT 5302 Health Literacy & Communication 11/08/2026
BMSC 5300 Biostatistics 11/11/2024
HMAP 6320 Organizational Leadership 08/20/2024
EOHS 5312 Food Safety: Farm to Fork 06/13/2023
BACH 5300 Theoretical Foundations of Individual and Community Health 04/27/2023
HMAP 5320 Health Services Management 06/20/2023

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If you are interested in speaking with a HSC Quality Matters Coordinator, please email canvas@unthsc.edu.