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Canvas Tips and Tricks 2022-2023 #16

April 24, 2023 • Uncategorized

Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations

Providing accessible content benefits individuals with disabilities, as well as others. Accessible content provides individuals with digital content that is easy to understand, navigate, and interact with. Creating accessible content is easier than ever as many applications provide an in-app accessibility checker. As you create new or update current PowerPoints, below are five ways to make your content accessible.

The first three items apply not only to PowerPoint but also to other Microsoft applications (e.g. Word, Excel, etc.).

  1. Add alt text to an object/image – Alt text is the text that appears when the cursor is placed over an object or image. Provide a detailed description of the image for maximum benefit.
  2. Create accessible hyperlinks – URLs (e.g. https://unthsc.edu) entered directly on a page are not accessible. In addition, words such as “click here,” “go here,” and “learn more” do not provide a description of the hyperlink. An accessible hyperlink provides the description of the hyperlink (e.g. UNT Health Science Center).
  3. Run the accessibility checker – An accessibility checker is available in many applications. In Microsoft Office applications, it is found under the Review tab.
  4. Add notes to slides – Add notes for any additional information that the learner may need to better understand the slide content.
  5. Add slide titles – Add slide titles to enhance navigation for all learners.

For step-by-step instructions, see the Creating Accessible PowerPoint Presentations solution.