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Canvas Tips and Tricks 2022-2023 # 14

April 11, 2023 • Uncategorized

Using Canvas Studio for Assignments

Students: Did you know that you can use Canvas Studio to submit assignments requiring a video? Though there are many benefits of using Canvas Studio to submit your video assignments, a primary benefit is that it avoids extended upload times or the need to compress large video files.

First, click on Canvas Studio in the Canvas global navigation. Next, click Record in the upper right corner. You have the option of clicking Screen or Webcam capture (don’t worry – if you click the wrong one, you can change it). The screen recorder will open. Verify that you’ve selected the correct option (screen, webcam, or both) and that your microphone is working. There is also an option to turn off the computer audio, which will prevent noise from notifications (microphone will still work).

Record your video. When finished, click stop and done. At this point a screen appears. You can add a title and description as well as basic editing. When you have made any necessary changes, click upload. It is now in your Canvas Studio Library!

Go to the assignment and click to submit the assignment. You will see a tab that says Studio. Click the tab and the videos in your Canvas Studio library will appear. Select the video you would like to submit and that’s it!

Enjoy using Canvas Studio for your assignments! For additional assistance, contact canvas@unthsc.edu.