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Canvas tips and Tricks 2022-2023 #15

April 10, 2023 • Uncategorized

Canvas Studio Discussions

Recently Canvas Tips and Tricks introduced Canvas Studio. This week we will introduce using Canvas Studio for course discussions.

Canvas Studio can be used for both graded and ungraded discussions. The ungraded discussion is useful as a knowledge check through course videos.

  • First, navigate to Canvas Studio in the Canvas global navigation.
  • Click on the desired video. Click the gear in the lower right-hand corner of the video and turn on comments.
  • Click where you would like to insert a comment or question in the video (1). Enter the comment or question (2), then click blue comment button on the right (3).
  • Since comments are turned on in Settings, you will now see a dot on the video timeline where the comment was inserted. As the video progresses, it will briefly show the questions as a pop-up on the video. If students do not see the comment/question pop-up, all questions and comments are available below the video including the time.

This Canvas Tips and Tricks is available in the FreshDesk Solutions library.  The video can now be used for ungraded or graded assignments/discussions. The solution below provides specifics on each.

Using Canvas Studio as a discussion tool for ungraded and graded assignments

If you need further assistance, contact canvas@unthsc.edu.