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Canvas Tips and Tricks 2022-2023 #11

January 23, 2023 • Uncategorized

Clearing the Web Browser Cache

Have you ever “cleaned-up” your web browser? It is considered good practice to periodically clear the cache in the web browser. How often depends on the frequency that the web browser is used and what sites are visited. However, the beginning of each semester would be a good time to clear the cache. Clearing the internet cache helps your computer perform optimally and prevents old forms and pages from appearing.

Clearing the internet cache varies slightly from browser to browser. Below are the steps for the three most common web browsers.

Google Chrome (recommended browser)

  • Click the three vertical dots in the upper right corner of the web browser.
  • In the drop-down menu, click More tools>Clear browsing data.
  • There are two options in the Clear browsing data window:
    • Time range: If you have never cleared your cache it is recommended to change the time range to “All time.”
    • Items to clear: Several items are listed here. Of these, the first four are checked by default. There is also the option to clear passwords and autofill data. If you check these, all passwords and forms will be cleared. When you have the needed items checked, click Clear data. Normally it only takes a few seconds. However, if you have never cleared your cache or it has been some time since you cleared the cache, it may take a little longer.

Mozilla Firefox (an acceptable browser)

  • Click the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right corner (also called the “hamburger stack”).
  • Click Settings>Privacy and Security
  • Scroll down to Cookies and Site Data

Apple Safari (Please note: Canvas is not recommended for Canvas)

  • Click Safari, which is normally on the left side of your home screen tool bar
  • Click Preference>Privacy>Manage Website Data
  • Click Remove All

Internet Explore/Edge is not recommended

For additional support, contact canvas@unthsc.edu.