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Canvas Tips and Tricks 2022-2023 #6

October 31, 2022 • Uncategorized

Voice Over PowerPoints

Recently the option to record audio on PowerPoint slides has become quite popular. However, when using this PowerPoint option a few things should be considered before using it.

  • After using the audio directly on the PowerPoint slide, the user has the ability to save the file as an mp4 video file. This enables you to upload the video to MyMediasite.
  • Many instructors load the original PowerPoint (including audio) to Canvas as well as embedding the Mediasite video. This creates two issues:
    • The PowerPoint with audio files is exceptionally large due to the audio. When students try to download them, it will require an extended period of time to download the file, if it downloads at all for those students with slower internet access.
    • When an instructor keeps these large files in the Canvas course, it fills the Canvas course storage rather quickly (there are storage limits within Canvas courses).
  • How do we resolve this issue?
    • You can still record audio on your PowerPoint. However, instead of uploading the PowerPoint with audio to Canvas, save the PowerPoint as a PDF. A PDF is a much smaller file yet still provides the needed information to students. In your PowerPoint click on File>Save as PDF. Each slide will save as a page. Active hyperlinks will also function. Slide notes will also appear, but you need to turn on that option. To turn on slide notes, follow these steps:
      • File>Save as PDF>(in the new window that opens)Options>Click the check box “Convert Slide Notes”>OK>Save
      • In the Adobe PDF that opens, you will see the slide notes in the Comments column, usually on the right-hand side

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