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Canvas Tips and Tricks #3

September 19, 2022 • Uncategorized

Canvas Files

With the new school year underway, this week’s Canvas Tips and Tricks provides Canvas users with a few guidelines regarding files within a Canvas course.

  • Organizing files: Did you know that you can create folders to organize your files? It’s easy! Click on Files in the Course Navigation then click the “+Folder” in the upper right corner.



  • File types: Any type of file may be uploaded to files. However, due to the space required for videos, all instructor videos should be uploaded to Mediasite.
  • Space limitations: Instructors often keep course files from one semester to the next. While there is no problem with this, keeping these files for several semesters or even years can limit the space. In addition, based on UNTHSC’s retention policy, course documents are deleted after 7 years. Canvas users have two options for removing files:
    • Archive the files or folders: This option involves downloading the files or folders and saving them on your computer or other storage device. Place your mouse over the files or folder to download. Click the three vertical dots on the far right and choose Download. A file will be downloaded. The user may now go to their computer’s Download folder and move the files to whatever location desired. Once completed, the files or folders will still need to be deleted in Canvas (see below).
    • Delete the files or folders: Place your mouse over the file or folder to delete. Click the three vertical dots on the far right and choose Delete.

For personal Canvas support, contact canvas@unthsc.edu.