Office of Postdoctoral Education

Our faculty and administration are ready to assist you in obtaining the training you need for a career in the exciting field of biomedical research. UNTHSC is dedicated to create a research environment that is stimulating, creative and challenging. Our faculty members have distinguished themselves nationally and internationally for their research programs that utilize state-of-the-art technologies. The institution’s centers of research excellence provide leadership in the areas of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, infectious diseases, vision, women’s health, physical medicine, health disparities, Alzheimer’s disease and aging.

UNTHSC regards its post-doctoral fellows as a valuable asset and is committed to offering you a healthy research environment, which is intellectually enriching and rewarding.  To fulfill these goals, a separate curriculum outside of individual research laboratory has been designed to cater the needs of our postdoctoral fellows.  Opportunities will be provided for grant writing workshops, career skills training, biomedical ethics, biomedical communications, biostatistics, and lab techniques. The Office of Postdoctoral Education will serve as a liaison between you and the University’s administration, addressing your needs and concerns, and providing further career development opportunities.

The ultimate goal of the Office of Postdoctoral Education is to provide an excellent scientific and supportive environment to advance you to a successful biomedical research career. I feel proud to welcome you to our campus and sincerely hope that your post-doctoral training will be a great experience and will help you shape your career in science.

This page was last modified on August 7, 2017