Printing, Copying, and Scanning


Lewis Library provides multi-function devices on each level of the Library and in eight other locations on the UNTHSC campus. Each of these units handles computer printing and photocopying jobs, as well as scanning documents and sending them to e-mail.  The Pharos print management system controls these functions. A Pharos account must be created before using the equipment; see below for details. In addition, the Library has one black & white photocopier that can be used with coins or bills. It does not print or scan, and it is not connected to the Pharos system.

Related Services

  • For a fee, Lewis Library will supply print or electronic copies of journal articles and book chapters.  See the Document Delivery page for more information about this service.
  • The Library also can make digital copies of other types of materials.  For more information, see the Digitization Fee Schedule or contact the Digital Projects Librarian.

Pharos Accounts & Pricing

  • Two types of Pharos accounts are available:  individual and departmental.
  • Accounts are created by Library personnel for all UNTHSC students, and for others upon request at the Service Desk.
  • For new departmental accounts, submit a completed Interdepartmental Transfer (IDT) form.
  • Accounts can be credited for any amount in one-dollar increments ($1, $2, $3, etc.).
  • Payment must be made at the Library Service Desk; cash, checks, MasterCard, VISA, and Discover are accepted.
  • Account issues can be resolved by Lewis Library Service Desk personnel.
  • Refunds are issued only for mechanical failures and withdrawn students. See the Policy on PHAROS Copy/Print Account Refunds and Closure for more information.
  • There is currently no charge for scanning to e-mail.  Copies and prints are charged at the following rates:
Pharos Account – Black & White
8.5 x 11 5 cents per side
8.5 X 14 5 cents per side
11 X 17 10 cents per side
Pharos Account – Color
8.5 x 11 25 cents per side
8.5 X 14 25 cents per side
11 X 17 50 cents per side

These charges have been reviewed and approved by Lewis Library Administration.

Locations & Equipment

The Lewis Library provides Canon multi-function devices for Pharos printing/copying/scanning on each level of the Library and at eight other locations.

Printing Copying Scanning Color
Library Level 2 – across from restrooms* X X X X
Library Level 3 – west side of the floor between the restrooms X X X
Library Level 4 – near the main stairs X X X
CBH Level 2 – south end of the east corridor X X X
EAD-116  (Student Development Office) X X X X
EAD-520 X X X
EAD Level 7 – south end X X X
MET Level 1 – east entrance X X X
MET Level 2 – east side near Room 220 X X X X
MET Level 4 – northwest corner X X X
MET Level 5 – west end near freight elevator X X X

* one unit accepts coins and bills, for black & white photocopying only


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