PC Support

Faculty/Staff Support

  • Helpdesk and Desktop Support charges $30/hour for computer and software repairs, including virus removal.  Travel time is calculated into the total time spent.  Charges are billed to the departmentally supplied base account (deptid), unless otherwise specified when a work order is entered.
  • Billing is done through interdepartmental transfers on a quarterly basis.  Billing inquiries or account number changes should be sent to the Helpdesk via email.
  • Non-billable work includes system upgrades or other IT initiatiated work.
  • Phone support is free up to 20 min.  After 20 minutes phone support is billed at a rate of $30/hour
  • New computer installations are billed at $30/hour and on average take 2-3 hours (for imaging, user data back up, installation).  New computers have low priority unless other arrangements are made with the Helpdesk.
  • Please note that computers are purchased by the department, so unless departments have spare computers, you may not have access to a computer while yours is being repaired.

Student Helpdesk Support

  • TCOM, PA, and PT Students participating in the UNTHSC student laptop one-to-one program are eligible for free support for up to 4 years.  After the hardware warranty expires (typically after 3 years), students in this program may be responsible for purchasing replacement parts.
  • Computer and software support for UNTHSC student personal laptops, including virus removal, is billed to the individual at a rate of $45/hour.  Consultation up to 15 minutes is free.  Payment is due at the conclusion of services rendered.  The Helpdesk accepts checks and credit card payments.

CETS Support Services

  • Please visit the CETS Classroom Support section of the Helpdesk and Client Services website

This page was last modified on June 11, 2015