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The student technology program began 10 years ago as a joint project between Information Technology Services (ITS) and the Department of Medical Education, TCOM. Previous to its inception, students arrived at school either with a wide variety of laptops new and old, or without one at all.

This presented a challenge for everyone, as technology was becoming more and more a part of the daily life of our students. Digital high stakes testing was being developed by the institution, and this required that each student have the same hardware and software. Students came to the ITS Helpdesk for support, but without standard software, hardware, and warranties, support could only be given on a limited basis. Also, many students could not afford a laptop at all.

The solution was to start a student technology program, where each student would receive a standardized laptop, and this laptop would be provided by fees incorporated in tuition. The first student laptop committee decided that a tablet (convertible) laptop would best fit the requirements for a medical science student.

Since its inception, the student technology program has grown and now includes TCOM, PA, PT, Pharmacy, and Graduate School students. Each year a committee is formed which is comprised of student representatives from each school that participates, ITS staff, and faculty and administration from each school. This committee then selects the technology that will be included for the incoming classes.

In most cases, each school has a $2000 fee which covers the purchase of the technology, software, warranties and peripherals. Combining these purchases allows each class to receive even greater discounts, and allows a standardized model across the institution.

The chosen laptop “bundle” will be given to each incoming student during orientation, and is non-refundable/returnable. Please contact the ITS Helpdesk,, with any questions.

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