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UNTHSC departments are individually financially responsible for computer and printer purchases. However, Information Technology Services (ITS) and the UNT System sets standards for these purchases. Although each department makes purchases separately, UNTHSC and the UNT System as a whole participates in procurement processes that harness the bulk buying power of the institution so that the best prices on standard hardware are made available to everyone.

Computer and printer purchases must follow the recommended standards.  Department’s needing computer and printer hardware different than the recommended hardware must consult with Helpdesk and Client Services.  This is done to ensure that the hardware is compatible with our infrastructure and can be supported by Helpdesk and Client Services. Helpdesk and Client Services will work with you to determine if an exception is needed, or if your non-standard hardware request would be covered under a UNT System Authorized Variance.

The UNT System PC Standard regulation can be found here. The IT Shared Services Standard Configurations page can be found here.

Please use the links to the right to review purchase options and purchase instructions.  Contact the IRT Helpdesk at 817.735.2192 or email with any questions.

Dell Recommended Hardware

UNTHSC Information Technology Services (ITS) and the UNT System recommends Dell computers.  The site below was created by Dell specifically for the UNT System and its component Institutions and offers the UNT System standard desktop and laptop configurations.  These are minimum configurations and the standards listed apply to all computer purchases.

*Click here to visit the UNT System Dell Premier site.

General Instructions:

Select the desktop, laptop or tablet you need and click Add to Cart or Customize. Change quantities as necessary and then create an e-quote to attach to a requisition/PO or email to Purchasing (this site will not directly place an order). Save the quote as a PDF by selecting File, Save as PDF before inserting into your purchase requisition. For questions and assistance contact the UNTHSC Helpdesk by calling 817-735-2192 or emailing

Apple Recommended Hardware

Information Technology Services (ITS) and the UNT System sets standards for Apple computer purchases. To order Apple computers (including iPads), you must use the UNT System standardized quotes (not 

Printers, Ink and Toner

Visit the links below for the latest pricing information on HP Printers, multi-function devices, ink and toner.

To order, use the part number, description, and DIR contract price as your quote information.  Vendor information and DIR contract number can be found on the links below.

HP DIR ComputerTech (HUB) Printer and Multifunction Device List

HP DIR ComputerTech (HUB) Ink and Toner List

Please contact the ITS Helpdesk with any questions at 817.735.2192 or via email to

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